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Wayne's Septic Tank Service

Serving The Ozark Counties of
Dallas – Douglas – Green

Laclede - Polk – Webster – Wright
417-935-2230 or 417-280-6607

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   Emergency Septic Tank System Service Available 24 Hours 7 Days A Week Just   

   Call 417-935-2230 or 417-280-6607

   Serving The Following Ozark Counties:

  • Dallas
  • Douglas
  • Green
  • Laclede
  • Polk
  • Webster
  • Wright

  If your drains are backing up or strange odors are coming from drains and toilets this

  could be a sign of a major problem with your septic tank system. When portions of your

  drain field are soft or mushy this could be an indication your drain field needs to be

  inspected or replaced.

  Some household drainage back ups and drain or leach field problems can be remedied with

  a septic tank drain and cleaning or sometimes an adjustment within the septic system

  distribution box, which directs the effluence from the septic tank to pipes leading to the

  drain field can take care of the problem.

  Whatever the possible problem, an emergency or simply want a service quote, give us a

  call or request a quote - we are ready to send a qualified technician with the necessary

  equipment to handle most typical septic system emergency situations.