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   Products and Services

   Our goal is to fix your septic tank system problems and concerns. Below is a list of the 

   types of products and services we provide:

  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Repair and installation
  • Sludge Removal
  • Natural Chemical Free Products
  • Installation of Tank Risers and Lids
  • Septic System and Cesspool Pumping
  • Lagoon Pumping
  • Backhoe Work Professionals in Locating, Uncovering, and Maintaining Septic Systems

   Regular service and maintenance of you septic system is recommended  to help keep it

   working properly and avoid any unwanted repairs. A 1000 gallon septic tank with a family

   of four should be pumped out every three years.

   Smaller tanks should be serviced at the most every two years.This of course is all     

   depending on usage. If you can not remember the last time yours was serviced or think

   that it might be time to service yours.

   Find out how we can help you with any of your septic needs! We service Seymour and  

   the surrounding area so please call with any of your needs we will come to your property

   and take care of any of your septic tank needs.  

   Call us at Wayne's No.1 and No.2 and we will be glad to help you any way we can. Call us

   at (417) 935-2230 or at (417) 280-6607.

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